Island Token Quests and Rewards Available on the Lost Ark Drumbeat Island

This guide details all of the quests available on Drumbeat Island of Lost Ark, as well as the rewards associated with completing them. The highlight of Lost Ark is unquestionably the exploration of the Islands and the revelation of their mysteries; however, navigating the treacherous water


This guide details all of the quests available on Drumbeat Island of Lost Ark, as well as the rewards associated with completing them. The highlight of Lost Ark is unquestionably the exploration of the Islands and the revelation of their mysteries; however, navigating the treacherous waters of Arkesia's oceans is not a walk in the park. If you want to explore its islands without running into any problems, it is imperative that you have the best crew and ship possible with you. The topic of discussion for this day's guide is going to be Drumbeat Island of Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is the newest and most popular massively multiplayer online game (MMO), and it was developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Smilegate. To assist you in your conquest of the oceans surrounding Arkesia, Lost Ark provides extensive character customization options and gives you the freedom to experiment with a wide range of builds, including paladin builds, glaivier builds, berserker builds, and many more. You can create builds in Lost Ark such as Deadeye, Gunlancer, and Gunslinger if you enjoy the wild west and gunplay in general. These builds allow you to customize your character's appearance.

Of course, the bottles or rubble that can be found at the bottom of the sea are not the target of these pirate hunts. You can earn rewards that include a variety of different treasures as well as gold by completing Una's Tasks, locating treasure using Treasure maps, or completing challenge runs in the Lost Ark Training room.

Whereabouts on Drumbeat Island can be found in Lost Ark

The rice cake dough that makes up Drumbeat Island fell from the sky and landed on this island. Because of this remarkable event, the island is an excellent destination.

The island of Drumbeat can be found in close proximity to the eastern coast of the North Vern continent. You will require one of the ships from the Lost Ark in order to get to Drumbeat Island. In addition, before venturing to this island, check to see that your combat level is at least 50 and that the item level is at least 250.

Drumbeat Island is considered an adventure island, which means that it is not accessible at any given time. This is in contrast to other islands, such as Cradle of the Sea Fermata. You will need to remember certain times in order to access Adventure Island. These times correspond to specific timings.

Check the Procyon Compass, which is located below the mini-map, to learn when it will be possible to travel to this island. Before continuing, you might find it helpful to look through our guide on the engravings on the Lost Ark first.

Another thing that we would like to bring to your attention is the fact that this island does not have any Makoko Seeds on lost ark gold. Collectibles known as Makoko Seeds can be found in Lost Ark in the greatest quantity of all other types.

These items can be found on pretty much every island in this game. You can collect them all! Those of you who were planning on searching for Makoko Seeds on this island, I just wanted to give you a heads up that you won't find any here.

Token for the Drumbeat Island Location on the Island

Drumbeat Island is one of the 91 unique Islands in Lost Ark that are known to contain either Tokens or Souls, two unique collectibles that can only be found there. These tokens have a variety of unique applications and can be redeemed for a wide variety of rewards, including portions, mounts, gears, and maps.

The process of acquiring a token for Drumbeat Island is quite involved and requires you to complete a number of different quests in order to succeed. Therefore, in order to acquire the Token that can be found on Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark, make sure to follow our guide in a methodical manner.

a Thing of Uncertain Meaning

To start this quest, talk to "Scholar Obitan" as soon as you reach the island. He will be waiting for you there. Use the nearby telescope to your advantage and keep an eye out for objects that are falling from the sky. Once you have shared your findings with Scholar Obitan, he will instruct you to go and gather the shards that have fallen from the sky.

The continuation of this quest chain will start once you interact with the shards that have fallen to the ground. Why don't you take this opportunity to read through our guide on Lost Ark Rapport and find out how to establish rapport with non-player characters?

Dangerous Debris

The "Dangerous Debris" quest won't start until after you've had some interaction with the first shard. As part of this quest, it will be up to you to amass 300 shard fragments within the allotted amount of time.

You will be able to participate in the group quest known as "The Thing from the Sky" once you have finished this task. Completing this quest will allow you to obtain the token for Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark.

The Thing That Came Down From Above!

The mini-dungeon co-op event known as "The Thing from the Sky" tasks players with eliminating blob creatures while simultaneously using a rabbit hammer to strike the larger blob that is located in the middle of the arena. Be sure to grab the rabbit hammer from its location just to the right of the arena before beginning this challenge, as it will be necessary for you to do so.

The remaining steps are simple; just be wary of the smaller blob creatures and aim your attacks at the larger one in the middle of the screen. If you don't finish this quest within a certain window of time, you won't be able to claim the rewards it offers. If you are having trouble defeating the boss or clearing out the mobs in this endgame area, you should read through our Lost Ark Leveling Guide to learn the most effective and efficient ways to level up.

After you have successfully completed this quest, you will almost certainly be rewarded with the Drumbeat Island Token. Keep in mind that the island token is a drop that occurs at random during this quest, and there is no way to increase your chance of obtaining it. Your best bet is to keep competing in this event until you win one of them, as doing so will give you the greatest chance of success.

In addition, as was stated earlier, Drumbeat Island is not always open for exploration; consequently, it is imperative that you participate in this event as frequently as possible and acquire the prizes associated with it.

In addition to the Island Token, the following rewards are available for acquisition upon successful conclusion of the "Mysterious Object" quest line:

10,000 Pirate Coins

2,033 Roster XP

1,875 silver

70 Roster XP

Treasure Chest of the High Seas

Pack of Uncommon Cards Rated as Legendary

Stone of Providence and the Soul Leaf

1,000 Gienah Coins

Adventures To Be Had On Drumbeat Island

On Drumbeat Island, there are a total of two quests that can be completed by visitors. The first one is referred to as the "Mysterious Object," and the second one is referred to as the "Lingering Questions."Let's talk about the quest "Lingering Questions" and the rewards it offers because the "Mysterious Object" quest has already been explained above as part of the process of acquiring an island token.

When we talk about rewards, why don't you take a look at our guides on the Best Hunting Spots and the Best Mining Spots to find out where the most valuable materials are located in Lost Ark?