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Let's define the various farming strategies that are active things that you can do in D2 runewords within this guide that was sorted out from the content of MacroBioBoi


Let's define the various farming strategies that are active things that you can do in D2 runewords within this guide that was sorted out from the content of MacroBioBoi. Resurrected to generate wealth, economy, loot, drops, high runes bases, or anything else that you're looking to do, we'll break down how they build off of one another and use a set of parameters, so that you can get a better idea of what each one looks like individually and then determine what your build is good at and what kind of farming strategies you should try to employ so that you can get the most out of every hour you spend playing. Resurrected to generate wealth, economy

Early in the gameYou have entered Hell, your build is functional in Hell, and you are still using a balancing act between magic find, kill speed, and survivability. You are not going to have the best gear in any of your slots, and you are probably trying to make the decision of which equipment to use while you are farming. What we mean by "early end game" is that you have entered Hell, your build is functional in Hell, and you are still using a balancing act between magic find, kill speed, and sur

We are taking advantage of the fact that cheap Diablo 2 items (go throung best game items store) monsters will always drop items by using the second of the three primary farming strategies, which is known as elite sniping

3.  You should not give player settings a higher priority when using this method

4.  This is typically a high magic find build

5.  There are some nuances to that, but on average, this is low player settings, high magic find, and most builds have the capability to start elite sniping early on in the game with some degree of competence

  1. The Pit Zerker is the most effective version of an elite sniper that is actually focused on the endgame

  2. This is due to the fact that you need items such as Enigma in order to complete the build in a timely manner

  3. If you want to think about early game options here, either a frenzy or double throw barbarian, any sorceress that is trying to elite snipe using fist of, and any build that is able to prioritize mobility either on swap with a harmony bow or teleport staff, and you can also think about just farming super uniques that are right off from a waypoint, we are trying to kill monsters, low player settings, and high magic find, and you can also think about just farming super


Farming for armor and weapon racks is an even more specialized form of the activity, and this is something that is really only relevant in the context of the single-player game experience. Especially in locations such as Lower Kurast, you will find armor racks and weapon racks in the vicinity of the super chest in that zone. You can find an armor rack that is dropping Monarch shields, and then farm that to get good bases, as well as the possibility of dropping unique versions of items. However, the thing to keep in mind is that in single player, if you approach the rack from the same way every time, it is more likely to drop the same base item. These are not really an example of something that you can do in multiplayer because of the amount of random number generation (RNG) that goes into it, which basically means that anything can drop from them. However, they are typically good to hit on the way by because they can drop really good base items either for runewords or if you are looking for good belts, primal helms, and that monarch once more.

You can think of these like chests, stones, urns, super chests and sparkly chests, gem shrine hunting as well; it's anything that you can generate wealth from in the game by interacting with an object without having to kill a monster. This is one of the top three primary farming strategies in D2R. In addition to this, it is located in a very interesting area where it takes into consideration the player setting, making it a farming strategy for high player settings. It doesn't care about magic find, and in most situations you're actually just looking for a build that has really high mobility and can easily get to a bunch of poppables and survive getting there considering you're in high player settings. However, it doesn't need to kill anything, and it doesn't need to worry about excessive amounts of survivability, which is a very niche form of farming.

When it comes to killing the act boss in any given region, these are going to be high player settings and high magic find endeavors. Typically, you want a character that can survive the ravages of the area, whether we're talking about something like Baal waves or the chaos sanctuary or even just surviving the additional monsters that surround in Duriel. Mephisto is never going to drop a base item, so we want the highest chances of them dropping typically unique items you're looking for such as Shaco, Arachne Mesh, Titans, and so on. Most importantly, we're probably talking about a Mephisto farmer in this way, so we're hoping to kill them on player's five settings and obviously that's different per act boss to get the most drops possible. In addition, we're maximizing our magic find.

It is typically just as effective on single player as it is on multiplayer, and the rewards are pretty easy to get into, which is why a lot of different builds are able to farm bosses pretty early on, even if they have to sacrifice some of their kill speed in order to get access to mobility. When you reach the late game, instead of continuing to farm a Mephisto, you should switch to farming other things like Baal and Diablo because it translates really well into the later game. Any build that has high mobility, the ability to stack a lot of magic find, and the ability to actually kill the bosses in an efficient time is ideal for boss farming. This ensures that you do not waste time compared to other farming strategies. The Blizzard sorceress is the proverbial poster child for boss farming.

The way we are going to break this down for boss farming:Actually just a derivation of elite sniping because, in practice, you are not trying to kill a lot of stuff around them; rather, in most cases, you are trying to prioritize the elimination of a single monster in order to cause it to drop D2R ladder items from the loot table that it has available to it.