fume purification integrated system model selection calculation

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fume purification integrated system there are many kinds of fume purification integrated system, therefore, its selection calculation is particularly important, improper selection, such as equipment is too large, will cause unnecessary waste; Small equipment selection will affect production, difficult to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

There are many calculation methods for selection. Generally speaking, the basic process parameters of flue gas should be known before calculation, such as the flow rate, property, liquid concentration and dust dispersion, wettability and viscosity. After knowing these parameters, through the process of calculating the filter wind speed, filter plane or object surface, filter material and equipment resistance, and then select the equipment category model.

1. Calculation of disposal penalty gas quantity

When calculating the fume purification integrated system's disposal gas, it first requires the amount of gas in fume purification integrated system under working conditions, that is, the amount of gas actually processed by the fume purification integrated system. And also consider the air leakage of the dust collector itself. These data should be determined according to the actual operation experience or testing data of existing factories. In case of lack of necessary data, it can be calculated according to the amount of gas produced in the production process, and then increase the amount of air mixed into the gas collecting cap (about 20% ~ 40%). It should be noted that if the amount of gas produced in the production process is the amount of gas under normal conditions, it needs to be converted to the amount of gas under standard conditions during selection comparison.

2. Selection of filter wind speed

The size of the filter wind speed depends on the characteristics of the dust-containing gas, the type of fabric and the nature of dust, and is generally selected according to the data recommended by the dust collector sample and the practical experience of the user. The filtered wind speed of most fume purification integrated systems ranges from 0.6 to 13/m, while the filtered wind speed of fume purification integrated systems ranges from 1.2 to 2m/s. The filtration wind speed of fume purification integrated system of fiberglass is about 0.5 ~ 0.8m/s. The filtered wind speed listed in the following table can be selected for reference.

Dust type Dust type pattern fall off by itself or manual vibration mechanical vibration back blower pulse blowing carbon black, silicon oxide (white carbon black), aluminum, zinc sublimation with other gas solution formed by condensation and chemical reaction, activated carbon, cement discharged by the cement kiln. 0.25 ~ 0.40.3 ~ 0.50.33 ~ 0.600.8 ~ 1.2 sublimate of iron and iron alloy, casting dust, alumina, cement discharged by cement mill, carbonization furnace long Hua, white ash, corundum, plastic, iron oxide, coke powder, coal powder 0.28 ~ 0.450.4 ~ 0.650.45 ~ 1.01.0 ~ 2.0 talc Powder, coal, sandblasting dust, fly ash, ceramic dust, carbon black (secondary processing), pigment, kaolin, ash, mineral dust, bauxite, cement (from cooler) 0.30 ~ 500.50 ~ 1.00.6 ~ 1.21.5-3.0

fume purification integrated system https://www.kaisenfilter.com/About.html