How to treat latex finger glove vendor wastewater?

latex finger glove vendor


This year, the global demand for disposable medical gloves, including latex finger glove vendor and PVC gloves, has increased sharply, and the demand is in short supply all over the world. Many domestic latex finger glove vendors continue to expand production lines while increasing production. Meanwhile, a large amount of waste water from latex finger glove vendors is produced. latex finger glove vendor wastewater treatment problems also need to be solved simultaneously.

The wastewater treatment of latex finger glove vendor has become the focus of attention of many manufacturers. Due to the complex production process of latex finger glove vendor, its main processes include hand mold cleaning and drying, coagulant impregnation, rubber material configuration, grinding and stirring, rubber material impregnation, rubber material drying, etc. The process will produce organic wastewater which is difficult to treat.

Effective treatment of wastewater: wastewater → collection well → regulating tank → primary air float → buffer tank →BMP process → secondary sedimentation tank → secondary air float → clear pool → finally discharge up to standard. After the BMP process transformation and treatment, under the premise of ensuring low operation cost, simple operation and no secondary pollution, latex finger glove vendor wastewater can be thoroughly treated, and suspended matter, COD, nitrogen and other pollutants in it can be efficiently removed. Finally make the effluent water meet the "Rubber products Industry pollutant Discharge Standard" (GB27632-2011) Table 2 standards.

latex finger glove vendor