central dust collector for sale What should be done about the problem of humidity?

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The central dust collector for sale is that when the dust-bearing gas enters the dust collector from the inlet and outlet, it first encounters the inclined plate and baffle in the middle of the inlet and outlet, the air flow turns to flow into the ash hopper, and the air flow speed slows down. Due to the inertia, the coarse particles in the gas flow directly into the ash hopper. central dust collector for sale refers to the method of blowing compressed air to remove the dust attached to the filter medium (cloth bag or filter cartridge); According to the size of the dust collector may have several groups of pulse valves, controlled by the pulse controller or PLC, each time open a set of pulse valves to remove the dust of the part of the bag or filter cartridge controlled by it, while other bags or filter cartridging work normally, after a period of time, the next set of pulse valves open, clean the next part of the dust collector by the ash bucket, the upper box, the middle box, the lower box and other parts. The upper, middle and lower boxes are divided into chambers. When working, the dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper from the inlet air duct, the coarse dust particles directly fall into the bottom of the ash hopper, the fine dust particles enter the middle and lower box with the airflow turning point, the dust accumulation is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag, the filtered gas enters the upper box to the clean gas collection tube - exhaust air duct, and is discharged to the atmosphere by the exhaust fan.

central dust collector for sale What should be done about the problem of humidity? Here is a detailed introduction for you:

First, the lower filter wind speed: the filter wind speed is better, will force the fine lime dust into the zigzag microhole blockage, reverse blowing ash is ineffective, long-term stay in the bag inside and form a adhesive blocking the filter hole. The use of low filter wind speed can avoid the above disadvantages.

Second, the lime powder bag dust collector set a stable bypass pipeline: When the relative humidity of the air increases, the dusty air entering the dust collection system is easy to condensation. In order to prevent water vapor from entering the central dust collector for sale to bond the filter material, a stable bypass pipe should be set to avoid the bag dust collector and let the dusty air pass through a layer of cyclone dust collector and then discharge into the atmosphere. The above can be controlled automatically.

Third, enough dust cleaning back blowing pressure: with the back blowing air cleaning, the lime dust into the filter can be cleaned out, and enough pressure is conducive to more than all the dust in the filter.

4. Short cleaning cycle: short cleaning cycle is conducive to timely cleaning of lime dust on the surface of the bag and reducing the possibility of bonding.

5. Use dust bags with caution: smooth dust bags that are not easy to stick to the lake should be selected, such as smooth polyester filter material 729, needle felt dust bag, high temperature dust collector bag, etc.

The central dust collector for sale is installed next to the dust-producing machinery and can be equipped by the user with metal or plastic dust pipes and dust covers according to the air intake size on the dust collector. Single dust collector is an important method to help us all clean up dust, because the use of more places, so ushered in more customer choices, the use of single dust collector can not only all clean up the dust, but also avoid air pollution, improve our air environment, is a good dust removal tool.

central dust collector for sale The dust-containing gas enters the box by the cloth bag dust collector and is filtered through the filter bag. The dust is left in the inner surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the fan through the filter bag and is inhaled by the fan directly into the room (it can also be accepted to be discharged to the outside). With the addition of filtration time, the dust adhering to the outer surface of the filter bag is also added, the filter bag resistance rises, and the dust removal effect is affected. The automatic cleaning organization is used for timely shaking and cleaning or manual cleaning organization. After the shutdown, the dust adhering to the inner surface of the filter bag is shook off for tens of seconds, and the dust falls into the ash hopper, drawer or directly onto the conveyor belt.

central dust collector for sale skeleton according to the dust collector dust form is different, also divided into different forms and installation, the spring skeleton used in a single dust collector is generally installed in the upper part of the dust collector, the dust bag is installed, Then the worker enters the box of the single dust collector to fix the hook below the spring skeleton in turn, and the installation is more convenient. The spring skeleton has the flexibility, because the single dust collector is limited by the indoor space, the top of the single dust collector does not have the space to replace the dust skeleton, so the spring skeleton or (plug-in) multi-section dust skeleton is used in the design, the spring skeleton is easier to transport.

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