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What are the features of surgical drains series design?

What are the features of surgical drains series design?

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The surgical drains series is a special industrial equipment for medical purposes, which can effectively store medicines, liquid medicines, special tools for medical purposes, surgical blades and some accessories, paying high attention to bacterial infection. In the case of storage of special tool materials, great attention is paid to the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of special tools. So, let's take a look at the design features of surgical drains series.

The raw materials of the structural frame of the surgical drains series are mainly high-quality magnesium aluminum alloy profiles and stainless steel sheets. The design structure is reliable and easy to use. The surgical drains series is height-adjustable and can be used for both standing and sitting. The height of the monitor and surveillance camera can be adjusted to use different sizes of computers and different customer application habits.

The design of surgical drains series should consider factors such as moisture, pollution, deformation, slip, easy cleaning, sterilization and debugging.

Castor design

The casters of the surgical drains series are unique, so we pay special attention to silent mode, agile, calm characteristics. The transfer of the wheels and internal structure to the device endangers silence. The agile and reliable performance of the design parts is a great harm, so the design should ensure the agile and stable characteristics as far as possible.

Chassis color matching skills

For the design of surgical drains series, the combination and choice of tone is also very important. In general, we can choose different tones to complete the combination according to specific needs. According to the medical community, the color of medical carts are mainly gray, milky white, dark gray, cool colors and so on. Generally, it has the role of protecting radioactive sources, and can maintain the service life of the main box to a greater extent.

Excellent features of the surgical drains series are as follows:

1) There are many application scenarios, such as interception in outpatient clinics, diagnosis rooms, hospital wards, ICU, etc.

2) Various types, can be equipped according to department regulations. Such as hospital outpatient digital management shopping cart, telemedicine system shopping cart, nursing inspection shopping cart, medicine shopping cart, treatment shopping cart, first aid shopping cart, various medical equipment shopping cart, needle shopping cart, etc.

3) Characteristics: the classification is obvious, the regulations, equipment, raw materials are different, and the price varies from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan according to the application.

With the rapid development of The Times, people's living standards are gradually improved, and the quality of life is constantly improved. More and more fixed-point medical institutions began to pay more attention to the patient's medical experience, can move freely - surgical drains series has gradually emerged. In order to better improve the work efficiency of medical staff, let patients see the doctor faster, more accurate and faster, surgical drains series for us to provide a lot of help.

surgical drains series https://www.nblukemed.com/Surgical_Drains_Series/